Videos for my next album, November 2, 2017

I've started to produce videos for my next album.

I've got an email

I've got an email from the music gear website writing to me that the iRig acoustic stage is shipping to me. Good news. About it, my rehersals on my Takamine are in good way, it sounds damned good now ! Sure i'm anxious to do a recording try with my new gear when i'll get it.

Website and rehearsal

I have worked on my website and done unplugged rehearsal.

Another gear

Surfing on the Net looking at interesting new gear, i find the iRig Acoustic Stage. I think it will be cool if i have it for recording my Unplugged Rehearsal Series so i buy it. Delivery in a few days. For now, i just finish a rehearsal with my Takamine, improving my skill on acoustic guitar.

Takamine setup

I had finished the setup for my Takamine and done some recordings in order to do some try in mixing and mastering. Work is in progress.


I had take my Takamine out of its case in order to do a new setup to resume the Unplugged Rehearsal Series.

Site modification

I just decided to modify my site in order to give you more news and to manege it more easily.