I'm playing guitar and writing music since the 70's. Sometimes i had stopped and for many years, but always resume.

For now, i'm especially interesting by playing guitar. I play what i call "wandering melodies", using almost all the neck and doing allways improvisation, on backbands. I prefer clean sound but sometimes use overdrive.

All my recorded tunes are distributed by Distrokid on download and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon,  iTunes and more. 

And if you like NFTs, here are  my collections :  70 Spirit legacy,   Unplugged Rehearsal Series,   Acoustic Series,   Ekoustik Series,   70 Spirit albums,   70 Spirit Hodgepodge  and  also   A Toon World,   A Toon World : Street Art,   A Toon World II,   Some Kind of Nature,   Some Kind of Nature II.